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Andrea Bargnani tore a ligament in his left elbow

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He's out "indefinitely".

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Aw, jeez, now I feel bad for laughing about Air Bargnani. Andrea Bargnani's gonna be out for some time:

This sucks for Andrea Bargnani, because getting hurt sucks. I wish him a full and speedy recovery. (Bargnani's previous trouble was with his right elbow, if that matters.)

Thaaaaaaaaat said, losing a player who'd mostly hurt the team in his minutes on the floor (which goes for a lot of Knicks, but still) might not be a bad thing for New York. At the very least, a serious dearth of big men that forces Mike Woodson to play multiple guards and stuff could help the Knicks. Wouldn't be the first time injuries have pushed Woodson toward sensible coaching.

But I hope Bargnani gets better soon. I also hope the Knicks utilize him more sensibly when he returns. Feel better, Andrea. At least you went out in style.