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Thank you, Carmelo


Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

That was perfect. That was like showing up for a funeral to find a pizza party instead. The vibe heading into tonight's game-- a Friday night against the troublesome Bobcats after ten straight days of losing-- could not have been bleaker. The Knicks playing as vivaciously as they did as a team would have been enough to turn the mood around for a night, but we got more than enough. We got 62!

The stakes kept raising and Carmelo Anthony just kept on cooking soup. Against a defender who'd bottled him up this season in Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, against full-fledged double teams, against tired legs and decades of history, Melo reached the summit. Those glassy eyes and pursed lips always tell you Melo's feeling something, but you never know how much. It was such a thrill to go from "oh man, he's having one of those quarters" to "oh man, he's on pace for a career-high" to that half-court buzzer-beater to "oh shit, Kobe and King are going down" from one quarter to the next. And in case you weren't paying attention: Melo's 62 was indeed the greatest scoring performance in Knicks history AND the greatest scoring performance in Madison Square Garden history. Magic.

The Knicks have sucked for three months. They may suck for another three. I could not care less right now. This 62 is ours and Melo's forever. Thank you.