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62: Quotes, images, and links from Melo's historic night


Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

One of my favorite parts of Carmelo Anthony's historic 62-point game was watching every one of his teammates (give or take Metta World Peace) react like a giddy fan. The Knicks looked like a team last night. They played a nice, cohesive game with with and around Melo, and they looked like they enjoyed each other's company for the first time in weeks. By the end of the game, they were doing (almost) everything in their power to make sure he made history. It was sweet. All the post-game stuff reflected that, too. Here's a lovely pile of tweets:


Eye of an ocelot. Eye of a jaguarandi. Eye of a badger. Eye of a naked mole rat. Eye of an amoeba. Eye of a fig.

(By the way, Melo's scared of cats, so that's FUCKED UP, Ray.)

<3<3 Family <3<3

Some tweets from the Knicks themselves:

- Here's Coach Nick's breakdown of the 62 points.

- Here's the wonderful Knickerblogger recap from Jamrock C. Avant.

- Here's Stacey Gotsulias's Knicks Wall recap: "Nothing went wrong."

- Jared Dubin goes 1n$s1d3 th3 num83r$.

- And here is the heartiest laugh of all time:


<3s all around. That was the best.