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Final Score: Knicks 110, Lakers 103

Two straight!

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Hey, there's a win. Just a regular ol' win. Carmelo Anthony shot okay/a lot in the follow-up to his historic 62-point game. More important, three Knick guards-- Raymond Felton, J.R. Smith, and Tim Hardaway Jr.-- navigated a spaced floor wonderfully, canning their open jumpers and attacking open lanes for three great scoring lines. The pick-and-roll looked nice, the dribble-handoffs looked nice, Melo's creation out of the post looked nice, and so forth. 'Twas good, Knicks-ian offense against a Lakers defense that's nearly as terrible as the Knicks' own.

And New York's defense was baaaaaad bad bad-- from transition to closing out shooters to regular FARTDOG stuff-- but they have and can and did get away with bad D by just creating open shots for one another like we know they can. And they did, so now they've won two straight games. That's good! Full recap coming up late tonight or (more likely) tomorrow morning. <3