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Idan Ravin is no longer with the Knicks

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Just three months later.


This is not a big deal, but still an interesting little thing. From Ian Begley:

Recall that the Knicks hired Ravin-- personal trainer to  not just Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith but a bunch of NBA stars over the years-- in October. He could frequently be spotted behind the Knicks' bench during games (once you realized it wasn't Zydrunas Ilgauskas). I have no idea exactly what Radin's role was, but it was a little weird that the Knicks just subsumed someone who'd worked privately with a couple of their players, especially when they already had three guys-- Dave Hopla, LaSalle Thompson, and Jerry Dunn-- on staff for "development". It's not surprising that having too many cooks in the kitchen might lead to friction (that rhymes kinda). I'm sooooo curious what the conflict was. But yeah, ultimately not a big deal. Just one to file away. Also, if things start to leak about the Knicks' inner workings, there's your mole. Hope you're having a pleasant Monday.