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Final Score: Knicks 114, Celtics 88

Three straight!

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Ex-tennnnnn-ded garbage time, y'all. The Knicks just trampled the Celtics, kinda like a good team would. The same team that beat the Knicks by 41 a month and a half ago offered zero resistance to New York's pick-and-roll game. And the Knicks went that route often, using ball-screens, hand-offs, and all sorts of nice action in the middle of the floor to free their guards and start the dominos falling toward an easy basket.

That was really the whole thing. The Knicks loosed a lot of ball-handlers with screens which led to Raymond Felton creating wonderfully off penetration, J.R. Smith taking clean looks off the catch and making smart decisions off the bounce, Tim Hardaway Jr. splashing 'n' slashing like a champ, and every big man taking some turns around the rim. The shots were sweet, the dunks were crunchy, and the fourth quarter was delightfully restful. No Knick starter played more than 30 minutes (Carmelo Anthony dropped 24 points in 28 minutes).

The only downside to a simple, breezy win: Iman Shumpert left early with a sprained right shoulder (will update on that if there are updates) and Kenyon Martin aggravated his chronic ankle issue after some great pick-and-roll action with J.R.


Recap late tonight or tomorrow morning, although there's hardly anything to say. The Knicks just did one or two things over and over and the Celtics never bothered to stop them. Kinda like the reverse of what we came to expect in weeks past.