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Murry, Tyler, and Aldrich will be BayHawks for today

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Just a formality.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

This isn't so much a news post as it is an IF YOU SEE THIS NEWS PLEASE RECOGNIZE THAT IT IS NOT NEWS post. Earlier today, Ridiculous Upside noted that the Erie BayHawks would spend the next week practicing at the MSG Training Center in Greenburgh. Field trip!

When the BayHawks paid a visit last season, some Knicks-- end-of-the-bench bros like James White and Chris Copeland, but also the rehabbing Amar'e Stoudemire-- joined their practice. Those Knicks got the kind of full-speed practice you don't usually get in the middle of an NBA season, while the BayHawks got to tangle with some NBA guys, including a superstar-type like Amar'e. Fun for everyone!

This time around, the Knicks will "send down" only their D-League-iest guys, and just for today:

So that's all that is. Meanwhile, we still don't have a firm update on Iman Shumpert's sprained right shoulder, but we do have this:

I'll post if there's an update.