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Tim Hardaway Jr. will play in the Rookie-Sophomore Game

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...or the Rising Stars Game or whatever.


Tim Hardaway Jr., the Knicks' 24th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft, has been one of the league's best rookies through 40-odd games. In honor of his prodigious start, Timpleton's been selected as one of the young person All-Stars:

Toure' Murry was not, which is BULLSHIT. Pablo Prigioni was not, which is BULLSHIT. Uhhhh yeah that's all the things that are bullshit.

So, that's nice. Tim's awesome. In what's been a pretty dreary season, we shouldn't take for granted that a late first-round pick many of us didn't like has amounted to a very exciting, very promising youngster who's already producing in what appeared to be a crowded rotation. Good for Tim, good for us.

...and that'll be it for Knicks at All-Star Weekend, I think. Probably no dunkers, certainly no shooters or All-Star reserves, and unless my petition to get Raymond Felton in the Skills competition passes (I think he'd try REALLY hard but lose), none of that either. Tim and Melo in New Orleans.