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Final Score: Knicks 117, Cavaliers 86

Four straight!

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Well, it hasn't stopped happening. The Knicks played another sorry team and just pasted them. Lovely production out of the pick-and-roll and even on one-on-one stuff built the Knicks a big-ass lead, and Tim Hardaway Jr. almost singlehandedly shot the Knicks out of a gentle collapse in the late-third and early-fourth quarters. Hardaway actually managed to pile on enough points to match Carmelo Anthony's game-leading 29, garnered once more in just the first three quarters (which is excellent). J.R. Smith provided several highlight-ass highlights and hit his threes off the catch to chip in 19 points of his own and Raymond Felton played a tidy little game out of the pick-and-roll.

Wonderful game all-around. If the Knicks move the ball and play attentive defense early, they can afford to relax a little later on, at least against a bad team like the Cavs! How weird and unfamiliar and lovely is that!?

Recap coming up late tonight or tomorrow morning. <3