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Toure' Murry will play a game with the BayHawks

Then he's coming right back.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

This is above the "we're just assigning you to the BayHawks so you can practice with them" thing and below the "we're assigning you to the BayHawks for real" thing. The Knicks are just sending Toure' Murry to the BayHawks to play against the Springfield Armor tonight, then he's supposed to come back:

Sure, I guess. Murry hasn't really been playing, even with Beno Udrih out of the rotation and Iman Shumpert hurt, so I wouldn't be against sending him to the D-League for real to get some reps running point. But hey, one game can't hurt. Enjoy your one-night stay in Springfield, Toure'!