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Amar'e bought a farm, Knicks Legend Jared Jeffries has a fishing show

Today is a great day.

Chris Trotman

Hi, this is Seth, I'd just like to direct you to two things I saw on the internet today, thanks to my friends. My friend Bib Silvirmin alerted me to the fact that KNICKS LEGEND JARED JEFFRIES IS NOW THE HOST OF A DAMN FISHING SHOW. We already knew Knick Legend Jared Jeffries loves to fish, and in exxxtreme circumstances, no less, but dude, this is a whole show. You can watch the preview here. Does Jared's height and wingspan and usefulness at the center of a match-up zone give him an advantage as an angler?

Our second and more contemporarily relevant bit of Knicks-in-the-world news is that Amar'e Stoudemire bought a farm, which comes from the NY Post by way of our friend Ananth Pandian:

The 7-foot center just bought a 190-acre farm in Hyde Park, Dutchess County, closing on the deal two weeks ago.

We're told he hasn't planned what he'll harvest on the land or if he'll build a larger home on the property. But Stoudemire bought the place so his family and kids can get together on the weekends, we're told.

190 acres is SO MANY acres. I hope the Stoudemires enjoy the farm. If y'all need someone to tend the goats or chick'ens or whatever, let me know. Oh, and Jared, take me with you. I have no idea how to catch fishes, but I am very enthusiastic and I love to eat fishes.

Update: Also, Jonah Ballow just posted this video of Knicks acting out movie roles and Andrea Bargnani and Cole Aldrich are amaaaazing.