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Wednesday Banded Archerfish

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Hi! No Knicks game tonight. Links, though. I do have links for you.

- My friend's dad, who is the coolest dad, keeps several fish tanks in their house, including one that (I believe) is run entirely by a computer program he designed-- the lights, the temperature, and so forth run on cycles to create a tiny little unmolested environment with all kinds of creatures. At least that used to be the case, I don't know if it still is. Anyway, Cool Dad has some archerfish in there-- the banded species pictured above I believe-- which FUCKING SHOOT DOWN PREY WITH STREAMS OF WATER FROM THEIR MOUTHS. It's awesome. Here's a video.

- The injury report:

- Gather 'round, children, the estimable Joseph Flynn IS SPEAKING.

- If you missed the very weird-looking Dolan-Sheed hug last night, netw3rk's got you.

- Gym K. Van analyzes Iman Shumpert's past and potential using player comparisons.

- Chris Herring on how and where J.R. Smith has struggled this season, and how much the Knicks could use even average production from him.

(This is the point in this post where I stopped to write about the Knicks reportedly wanting to trade J.R. Smith)

- Brab Slobberman's interview with John Lurie (who I had no idea was a Knicks fan) is soooo great.

Beckley Mason wrote well about the underwhelming win against Detroit.

- Not Knicks-specific (but applicable), but I enjoyed Ziller's thing about clutchness.

- Initial reports that Chris Smith was headed to the Los Angeles D-Fenders were incorrect (as Ridiculous Upside soon realized), and he's back with Erie. So still not far from the Knicks.

That's all! Have a lovely night.