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Final Score: Knicks 102, Heat 92

What a win!

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports


The Knicks did it! They just won! They played somewhere between fairly and very competently from buzzer to buzzer, with no significant stretches of outright poopiness in between! When the Heat threatened, the Knicks responded, and when it was time to make big plays, they ran sets, moved the ball intelligently, and made those plays! The Heat gave the Knicks a window and the Knicks punched right through it.

Terrific team game, and lots of terrific individual games as well. Carmelo Anthony played an absolutely stupendous 42 minutes-- 29 points on 24 varied shots, eight boards, and five lovely assists to cutters and shooters. Andrea Bargnani took his lumps defensively, but also made some damn PLAYS on both ends of the floor, blocking a couple shots, hitting a few jumpers, and faking folks out of their boots for some lovely drives. Raymond Felton racked up 14 assists out of the pick-and-roll. Iman Shumpert shot a wonderful 4-7 from downtown. Amar'e Stoudemire worked diligently around the rim to finish and clean up what he didn't finish. J.R. Smith didn't play.

That was awesome. It's awesome when the Knicks take a whole game seriously. Very satisfying. 4-1 in 2014, y'all. Much more tomorrow.