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Preseason Final Score: Knicks 96, Celtics 80

Ned Dishman, Getty Images

Hey, that was fun! The Knicks still lacked several daisicals, but they got spurts of good shots out of the Triangle and cut their turnovers down from horrifying amounts to a mere bunch. The defense wasn't great, but it was more energetic and a bit more organized, too. Some good hustle in transition, some nice big man footwork in the post, and some legit attempts to ice the pick-and-roll.

Carmelo Anthony scored a cool 16 points in 21 minutes while both Tim Hardaway Jr. (making the best of the Triangle) and J.R. Smith (saving some broken plays) shot nicely for 11 and 14 points, respectively.

The Celtics finally missed some threes after staying hot for about 5 quarters between Wednesday and today. The Knicks' gamble-y defense committed a ton of fouls, but forced 20 turnovers, too, and won the fast break battle.

Also, D.J. Mbenga played. Success all-around.

I've got plenty of notes. They'll be up tomorrow, probably a bit later than usual.