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Tuesday Talking Catfish


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Piotr Kuczynski

Hi! The Knicks play a preseason SEGABABA tonight for some reason. They'll face the Sixers in Syracuse. Carmelo Anthony back home! Michael Carter-Willia-- oh no, he's hurt. Anyway, that'll be weird. Here are some things to read:

- They call the Striped Raphael catfish the "talking catfish" because it makes little grunting and squeaking sounds when out of water. I hope it's not screaming for help. The Wikipedia page makes them sound like really pleasant fish, like I'd wanna be friends with one.

- There are a few things to read today about learning the Triangle and about the Knicks' mindfulness training (no big revelations on either front). They all have really weird headlines. Okay, the last headline wasn't that weird.

- Frank Isola adds his typical excess spoonful of doom to this article, but the point that Derek Fisher's seat should stay quite cool for quite a while is a sound one. I imagine Fisher has as much patience from Phil Jackson (and, by proxy, James Dolan) as any Knicks coach since the days of Isiah Thomas being his own boss.

Zach Lowe's crazy predictions are always fun for me (in part because, you know, they're not that crazy). There's stuff in here about the Knicks' defense and Jason Smith's potential importance to the team.

- The eminent Jonathan Fishner went to Phil Jackson's New Yorker panel and came away with typically interesting thoughts.

- In other news: 44-minute game?

- And in closing: Yes.

- Late addition: Kelly Dwyer on Melo in the Triangle.

That's it! Game later.