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A thorough breakdown of Iman Shumpert's Jimmy Kimmel Live sketch

More chardonnay?

Iman Shumpert joined NBA brethren Blake Griffin, Chandler Parsons and Matt Barnes in a "Jimmy Kimmel Live" sketch to promote the latest movie based on a Nicholas Sparks novel ... and also, presumably, to promote the upcoming NBA season. Priorities, people.

There is much to cover here, so let's go straight to the breakdown:

  • This is how you work multiple athletes into a comedy sketch. Too many shows simply gather a collection of superstars, regardless of acting ability. That's how you end up with five minutes worth of James Harden mumbling while Dwight Howard farts on Derrick Rose, when all that is really needed is one superstar who can draw in casual viewers (Griffin) supported by players with some charisma.
  • Speaking of Griffin: That guy can act. He understands how to make you laugh without saying anything at all (ex. reflectively going to town on that strawberry while Barnes rants):
  • Please get Blake Griffin some better commercials this season. No more "Griffin Force" crap. Weird doesn't always mean funny, commercial-making bros.
  • The real MVP here is the former Knick Matt Barnes. What a performance! What casting! If asked to list the NBA players most likely to fight Chandler Parsons over a Nicholas Sparks novel, Barnes' name would be right near the top. Dude likes to fight. Hell, he was suspended last season for going on a profanity-laced rant directed at his own teammates for not fighting more.
  • While looking up Barnes' suspension on, I stumbled upon this beauty in the sidebar:
  • AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Skip Bayless, you are a national treasure. This sketch is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • As for our man Shump, he was an effective role player here. I truly believed that white wine gives him headaches.
  • Nicholas Sparks suuuuuuuuuuuucks.
  • "This is a safe space."

We can only hope that Shumpert displays this kind of confidence in his shooting this season. If he does, he might finally crack 10 points per game.