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Woj: The Knicks will pick up Shane Larkin's contract option for next year

Rich Barnes

Good morning, Woj! Wasn't expecting you. What did you bring us today?

After some initial uncertainty, the New York Knicks plan to pick up the third-year contract option for guard Shane Larkin, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

The Knicks have been satisfied with Larkin, 22, in the preseason, and will guarantee the $1.67 million on his contract for the 2015-16 season.

The deadline for guaranteeing the third-year option comes at the end of October.

Fair enough! I haven't been thrilled with Larkin's play in preseason, but that doesn't really mean much. He's 22 and holds some promise at a position of need, and the Knicks decided that was worth biting off a $1.67 million-sized chunk of their 2015 cap space instead of letting Larkin become a free agent at season's end.

They will, I imagine, do the same thing for Tim Hardaway Jr.'s third-year option (right? If Shane's worth it...), which is actually a couple hundred thousand dollars less than Larkin's because he was a later pick. This could be a case where the Knicks plan to announce both pick-ups at once but Woj just happens to have a scoop on one of them.

These little commitments do add up, but Hardaway and Larkin are the only sophomores on the Knicks who present such a decision right now. At season's end, a whole slew of similar choices emerge. A SLEW.

Anyway, hi Shane! Make yourself comfortable.