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Thursday Longsnout Boarfish


Mark Norman

Hi! Happy afternoon. Lots of good things to read today.

Longsnout boarfishes are very pretty and I've been laughing for 58 minutes about the music in this video.

- I don't have Insider, but here's all the predictin' stuff that gets everyone upset every year if you do. Actually sounds like their beep-boop computers project the Knicks pretty kindly this time around. Update: Hahahaha it sounds like there was a misprint and SCHOENE actually projects the Knicks to be worse.

- Andrea Bargnani's still a bit hurt, I guess. J.R. Smith says those back spasms that sent him to the locker room during the last game were from sitting on the bus.

- Cool piece by Chris Herring (don't miss the chart on the bottom) on how much better the Knicks performed defensively with Iman Shumpert on the court last season. We've said it here. Everyone's said it everywhere. This is a huge year for Shump.

Jason's piece on where these Knicks, their expectations, and where they might fit in the history of the Triangle offense is excellent, because Jason is excellent.

- The Knicks, like everyone, had some guys at that open Kentucky practice thing a little while back.

Alan Hahn envisions Jason Smith starting at power forward. Marc Berman seems to have heard something about Quincy Acy, or he's just extrapolating off the fact that Acy has started a couple preseason games in a row. Both guys probably know something about the Knicks' thinking, neither is saying anything for sure.

- Berman also quietly mentions that Phil Jackson fired one of the scouts from the previous regime at some point this offseason.

- Nice conversation with Michael Rapaport in advance of his 30 for 30, which premieres next week.


Remembering when new assistant coach Jim Cleamons was a member of a crappy, half-formed Knicks team.

This is fascinating work analyzing and integrating the various styles of point guard play.

McElroy v. Gibberman podcast!

- This is, in fact, exactly what I wear to Knicks games.

I'm gonna eat chips and watch a movie. The Knicks are wrapping up practice soon, and I'll put stuff up later if there is stuff. Have a good afternoon!