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Friday Cownose Rays


© Citron / CC-BY-SA-3.0

Hi! The Knicks don't play at all this weekend because preseason scheduling is odd. The Knicks' inactivity doesn't stop you from READING, though*.

*Update: My lawyers have informed me this is, in fact, untrue. Knicks fans are legally prohibited from reading about the Knicks on days the Knicks are not playing. Please do not click any of the links below or you will be arrested.

Cownose rays are often the guys you get to pet in those touch tanks at aquariums (or at Tropicana Field). If you've never had the chance to do that, I highly recommend it. They're very soft and they have funny mouths and they like when you scratch their backs.

- Injury updates from today's practice: J.R. Smith's back is fine, Andrea Bargnani's still at half-speed with that hamstring thing, and Travis Outlaw's Achilles is bugging him.

Well, this is a nice thing for Carmelo Anthony to say about the prospect of winning in New York, however much he means it. The charity stuff is even nicer.

This is a very interesting look back at how Lakers people appreciated the Triangle during its introduction in L.A., with the upshot being that the system will hold intrigue akin to that of a star player.

- I'd been waiting for Biscutball to preview the Knicks, and I was not disappointed.

- Cool article about Jose Calderon's first years in the NBA and how far he's come.

- Amar'e Stoudemire Wine Bath Update: The wine is HOT.

That's all! Enjoy your wine baths and your weekends.