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Derek Fisher gives just a few clues about lineups and offense

We have only a sketch of what the Knicks will look like, but they clearly won't look like Mike Woodson's Knicks.

Gary Gershoff, Getty Images

Derek Fisher, like Mike D'Antoni and Mike Woodson and, well, pretty much any coach several days into training camp, hasn't been forthcoming about how he's going to run the Knicks this year. Why would he? The playbook and lineups certainly aren't set, and revealing the thought process would only foment drama. Which I guess some coaches want, but not King Fish.

Fish won't tell you the starting lineup, but he will tell you this:

...which is vague as hell, but supports the idea that the Triangle is fluid, position-wise, as does...


Fish will also tell you he doesn't want to mix and match starting lineups (MIKE WOODSON SUBTWEET ALARM):

And while we haven't yet seen the Knicks offense in motion, we hear of another way in which this team will contrast the Knicks of years past. From Begley:

"Our penetration won't come off of pick-and-roll as it does 98 percent of the league but it will come off of interior passes and we have a lot of guys that we can put on the post to get penetration," the coach said.

...which we knew about the Triangle. There will be pick-and-roll, for sure, but it's not the primary action to get the ball into the paint. That makes sense when you've got this dude as your point guard (via Scott Cacciola):

"You're not going to see too many dribbles," Calderon said this week at the start of training camp.

This is the time of year in which I hungrily snout through every article looking for tasty morsels of actual information. Fisher is understandably inclined to withhold information (and adept at it), but dammit, I won't stop snouting.