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Iman Shumpert's clock hat: An investigation

Will this hat save the Knicks season? How did the hatters get that clock in there in the first place?

The Knicks may have lost the battle (i.e. the basketball game) on Monday night, but they definitely won the war (i.e. the post-game hat contest).

Yep, that is Iman Shumpert, and that thing embedded in his hat is a clock.

The game will never be the same.

In case you were wondering, that clock is not set to Eastern Standard Time:

That would put the hat squarely in the Australian Eastern Time Zone, home to cities like Sydney and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

But Shumpert is not, in fact, from Papua New Guinea; he is a proud native of Chicago. And that just might explain the clock hat:

Is Shumpert's hat tearing apart the Knicks' locker room? All signs point to yes.

COWARD! We pay you over $100 million and you run and hide from a critical hat-related question? It's not like you're immune from hat fever, after all.

In conclusion, the Knicks either have too many hats, or not enough. They will either win the 2014-15 championship or they won't, and these hats may or may not be involved.