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Monday Rock Gobies


Stefano Guerrieri

Good afternoon! The Knicks begin the final M/W/F stretch of their preseason tonight against Milwaukee. We're probably about to see some lifelike lineups and rotations! Between now and game thread o'clock, let's click on some links, eh?

- Cool thing! Scientists have recently discovered that rock gobies can change color to blend into their surroundings, chameleon-style.

- You can find everyone else's Atlantic (and Pacific) Division previews here.

Derek Fisher's working 12-hour days and stayin' muscly, but not playing any basketball, which on one hand is weird to me, but on the other hand is a situation I can't really imagine. I think I'd want to mess around and play some basketball after I stopped doing it as my job for like two decades, but I really have no idea.

- Knicks assistant coaches don't speak to media, except Kurt Rambis to Marc Berman at length, apparently. Some interesting stuff in there.

Michael Rapaport showed the Knicks When The Garden Was Eden and says they liked it. Cool! Do y'all intend to watch that when it's on tomorrow? I'll probably tape it, but we can a thread up if there's interest.

Great piece on Dave Hopla, who's not around anymore but lends some inside takes on the Knicks of his tenure.

Antetokounmpo on Antetokounmpo.

- On a related note: Some discussion of Travis Wear's future, in which Wear himself suggests he might head to Westchester if the Knicks cut him.

That's it. See you later!