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Let's watch Willis Reed beat up all the Lakers

Perhaps the rarest, most prized footage showcased in When The Garden Was Eden on ESPN Tuesday night was tape of the final seconds of the Knicks' relatively underwhelming 1973 Championship victory in Los Angeles. Next to that? Willis Reed beating up ALL the Lakers in 1966:

Brian Cronin once wrote about this in his excellent Unsung Knicks History series on Knickerblogger, and it's pretty much as he described it. Willis legitimately won that fight. And he managed to avoid suspension, which absolutely would not be the case today, so that's a win-win.

I enjoyed the movie last night. They had to move through a lot of history and cut some corners in an hour and a half, but it was entertaining stuff and my sense of the way those teams assembled and unraveled is much sharper than it was prior. It's definitely worth tracking down if you missed it. (It appears to be on again 1:30 AM Saturday on ESPN 2 and 1:30 PM Sunday on ESPN2.)