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Things we learned from Phil Jackson's candid comments on every Knick

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Phil Jackson gave Charley Rosen an extended comment on *every single* Knicks player from training camp. It's interesting and unlike anything we've ever seen from the Knicks before. Dad reveals a frank, nuanced scouting report of every player's skill set and even tips (or guides?) Derek Fisher's hand with regard to stuff like playing time. You should really check out the whole thing, but here are the main things I learned:

He really likes Iman Shumpert and Tim Hardaway Jr.

Jackson has legitimate criticisms of Shumpert's offensive moves and Hardaway's defense, but understand's that the former has great value as a defender and suffered offensively in Mike Woodson's system while the latter is bigger than we think(?) and could be an all-around player with the right coaching.

He envisions a healthy Amar'e Stoudemire as a major contributor

"We hope he'll be able to play four rotations of eight minutes per game."


"Because he only approaches the rim in straight lines, he needs to develop some kind of change-of-direction move with the ball -- perhaps a crossover dribble."

It sounds like Samuel Dalembert is the starting center, but needs a lot of back-up

"The only natural center among the potential starters is Samuel Dalembert...his floor-time will most likely be limited to about 26 minutes."

New York wants guards to fight over screens

They've kinda done that in preseason. Now and then.

Phil either thinks Quincy Acy was a Nugget, thinks he traded for Quincy Miller, or got misquoted


I'm sure that'll be fixed by the time you click the link.

Cole Aldrich isn't gonna play

"Better the more he played," but will "probably get significant time only if somebody gets hurt or our other bigs suffer a plague of foul trouble." That frustrates me.

Langston Galloway and Travis Wear are headed to the D-League.

He comes right out and says it. So I guess "very good" shooter Travis Outlaw is sticking around.

There's a lot of information in here. Again, this level of candidness is totally new ground for Knicks management, and Jackson was earnest-- at times harshly-- in ways that bring New York's intentions into focus more than one would expect for mid-October. Phil knows what he's talking about and...well, he's willing to talk about it. Some feelings might get hurt here.

Most of this makes sense to me, but parts of it contradict what I want for the team this season and other parts seem like things a coach, not a president, would say. Perhaps that's just a product of the uniquely close and experience-imbalanced relationship between Fisher and Jackson. What do you think?