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Here's why the Knicks signed a guy they're going to cut almost immediately

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So, to explain this:

The Knicks have to cut their roster down to 15 soon, but can hold up to 20 men until then. They currently have 19, and with 15 of those guaranteed, it's obvious who they're going to cut.

A catch: New D-League rules permit teams to protect four players cut from the training camp roster. The Knicks must have decided they don't want all four of the guys they're about to waive in Westchester (with the odd man out probably being D.J. Mbenga, who is 33 and would be disappointed with the meager taco selection in White Plains), so they figured they might as well add someone they *do* want to keep in the program and snaggle his rights for the sake of the W-Knicks.

So, welcome, Jordan Vandenberg. You were pretty underwhelming on the Knicks' Summer League team. But you're a Knick now, and Once A Knick Always A Knick, even if you get cut two days after you sign.