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The Knicks cut Orlando Sanchez and D.J. Mbenga

More cuts to come...

♫ I will remember youuuu do wee dop dop dop ♫
♫ I will remember youuuu do wee dop dop dop ♫
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

The regular season is nigh, cuts must happen, and the first two went through this morning:

Sanchez is an intriguing forward who didn't get a shot in preseason, and the Knicks can send his rights to Westchester if they so choose (they can do that with up to four of these cuts). I'd be interested to see how he performs there.

Mbenga's a vet who just kinda hung around for a bit and probably doesn't factor into New York's long-term plans at any level. He will be remembered as the best Knicks shooter of all time:


Pretty shameful that the Knicks would cut a guy who literally did not miss during his tenure with the team.

All the best to both Sanchez and Mbenga. (More cuts to come soon. Three, in fact, now that Jordan Vandenberg is technically on the training camp roster.)