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Saturday Pacific Sanddabs

Good Saturday! Preseason is over and we've got a couple days to collect ourselves before the real thing begins. Let's look at some links!

- I dunno, I just think it's so funny that nature put some fishes' eyes on either side and some all one one side to make them flatfishes. I want both eyes on one side of my head so I can get realllly comfortable on the couch when I watch TV.

- If you haven't seen it yet, here's Chris Herring's piece on Carmelo Anthony's minutes and how they correlate with his late-game performance.

- Derek Fisher would like to make it very clear he's not just Phil Jackson's puppet.

- Awesome Nathan Gelgud illustrations in this piece on celebrity NBA fans.

MattRW helps the Raptors preview the Knicks!

Here's a good, long Steve Serby interview with Fisher. I left a note for myself that there was a quote in here that made Fisher sound like a cannibal, but now I can't find it at all and think I may have gone crazy.

It's...oranger? Is that it?

The lottery reform breakdown, what it means, and where the Knicks stood.

- Iman Shumpert made a song about how he likes girls and girls sometimes like him, too (on that note, the line about lesbians isn't cool, Shump).

NBA GM Survey!

- Interesting Zach Lowe piece on some research into make-up calls.