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It appears the Knicks will keep Travis Wear

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

We heard earlier that Travis Wear survived another round of cuts. Not long after, Ian Begley reported the Knicks were looking to either waive or trade Travis Outlaw (for nothing), then give the other Travis his roster spot:

The New York Knicks are strongly considering parting ways with veteran forward Travis Outlaw, league sources told on Saturday.

Outlaw is owed $3 million this season. If the Knicks released him, they would still owe him his full salary. They also could dump him on another team via a trade.

Getting rid of Outlaw would open up a roster spot for another player. There is a possibility that spot would be filled by Travis Wear.

And Travis's old UCLA friends are already celebrating (with his acknowledgment), so they must know something:

If this is indeed the move, it is a very small thing that pleases me. Wear might not mean anything to the Knicks-- there's a good chance they assign him to Westchester right away and a decent chance he gets dumped at some point-- but his signing suggests the new regime would rather spend money on talent than a name.

Outlaw seems like a good guy, and he's had some decent years in the league, but it's clear from his most recent efforts that he isn't going to help the Knicks much this year. Wear was undrafted out of UCLA and didn't show much on the Knicks' Summer League team, but he demonstrated in preseason the sense and the skillset to grow into a versatile Triangle forward. Wear can shoot, he can handle well for his size, and he likes to pass from the high post. The slight increase in odds of the 15th man ever helping was worth $3 million to the Knicks*. They'd rather invest in marginal talent than keep dead weight on the roster. I like that!

Nothing here is done or official. All we know is there can only be one Travis. Updates as they come.

*Barring a trade, which seems unlikely unless it's something bigger, which...would be kinda nuts