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Andrea Bargnani will miss the first week of the season

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Week 1 of Knicks Basketball Brought To You By Handi-Snacks starts Wednesday, with three games in five nights. Andrea Bargnani will miss all of them because of his sore hamstring:

Bargnani skipped all but the first preseason game because of that hamstring, and he's been either limited or absent in every practice since. The fact that New York's already counting him out a week ahead of time means it must be a considerably more serious injury than originally thought...or they're just treating it that way?

Besides being, ya know, not especially productive as a basketball player, the big dude'll find himself at a significant disadvantage whenever he's ready. All those practices missed and several games of the rotation rotatin' without him could leave healthy Bargnani buried behind other frontcourt guys. Or hey, maybe the Knicks will have struggled in his absence and he'll return and save them. All kinds of possibilities!

Today's Andrea's birthday, by the way. Happy birthday, Andrea! I'm so sorry about all of this.