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The Knicks are trading Travis Outlaw to the 76ers for nothing they can sign Travis Wear.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

It was clear this weekend and became even clearer today: The Knicks picked their Travis, and it's not the one we expected. They're getting rid of Travis Outlaw to sign the undrafted Travis Wear, who showed some real versatility in preseason and should now bounce between the end of the Knicks' bench and the W-Knicks.

If the Knicks just cut Outlaw, they'd have to eat his $3 million of guaranteed money. Sixers to the rescue:

Philly happily plays contract graveyard for the whole league. It, of course, comes with a small fee:

Would have been nicer for us if they just ate the contract. Oh well. I'm happy the Knicks chose Wear over Outlaw (and they'll presumably waive Moultrie...and keep his rights in Westchester?), but this is them paying a second-rounder and a half to unload a guy they JUST acquired in a trade (which, based on how things have shaken out, was done just to acquire Quincy Acy). So you have to set all those dominos upright and decide whether it was all worth it. I dunno. Little things, but things just the same.

Anyway, welcome to the Knicks, Travis Wear.

UpdateThe Knicks gave up a 2019 second-rounder and the option to swap 2018 second-rounders. Moultrie has been waived. The Knicks can send his rights to Westchester if they please.

And yeah: