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Tuesday Longlure Frogfish


Clark Anderson/Aquaimages

Good day! There are NBA basketball games tonight. There is a Knicks basketball game tomorrow. We made it through an offseason Let's celebrate as the Romans once did: With links.

Longlure frogfishes combine two of my favorite fish features: 1. As frogfish, they have weird fins that allow them to "walk" on the sea floor. 2. They have special dorsal spines that extend into a long lure used to bait prey fish. Also, very yellow.

- Andrea Bargnani and Travis Wear will start the season in suits. Somebody has to.

A big ol' New York Times piece on the Triangle offense, its basic movements, and its majesty. Great Carmelo Anthony graphic, too.

- I dunno, seems like Amar'e Stoudemire's being a perfect trouper, as usual, about not starting. (Of course, the starting lineup isn't set at all.)

- The Knicks come up in these SB Nation season predictions.

- SB Nation's pre-season power rankings.

- I'm not sure what this would mean for the Knicks, but it is a potential thing.

- The Knicks have spent quite a lot of their money over the last decade on players who missed games due to injury.

- I do not care about the RPM/WAR 538 projections (And that's all that is. They're not haters, nor are they trying to make an absolute statement. They're just plugging numbers into algorithms and seeing what comes out.), but I do really appreciate that they bought us another New York Post "Computer:" headline.

- More prediction-y things: 1. I like how a few of the SI guys (who are great) fully understand the Knicks aren't expected to do much this year, but still predict them to "flop." 2. "FreeDarko" Every Game Preview!

Couple o' Knicks things in Matt Morre's "50 Awesome and Weird Reasons" to follow the NBA.

- Via abe88: Coach Daniel on how the Knicks looked running Triangle sets in preseason. This is a good and funny video.

Chris Herring on what the hell has become of and will become of Andrea Bargnani's career.

- Mentioned this earlier, but the deadline for Tim Hardaway Jr. and Shane Larkin to get their 15-16 options picked up is Friday. Not sure whether this is a change of heart or merely a change of source, but Woj is now hearing the Knicks might decline Larkin's. Haven't heard a word about Hardaway.

- On a similar note: Iman Shumpert's playing for his next paycheck, but the way things stand, there's a decent chance that won't be with the Knicks. Bit of a Catch-22 situation.

- Man, Amar'e really has a future as a motivational speaker. The dude is unwaveringly, almost deliriously positive, even when he's being negative.

Those are the links!