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It's the 2014-2015 season. Let's be Knicks fans.

Alex Goodlett

The Knicks begin a basketball season tonight. It's the 69th time they'll do that (nice), and the 8th time they'll do that since P&T started. I propose we watch all the games and talk about them on this internet here.

If you've been with us all summer, thank you! If you're coming back for the start of the season, welcome back! A quick reminder of how game coverage works: An hour or so before each game, we will post a game thread. For big games or interesting pre-game events, we'll make special posts, but for the most part, pre-game lineup and injury information will go in the game thread, along with game time, channel, opponent's blog, and whatnot. There will be a lot of people sitting and chatting in the thread, so I ask that you refrain from posting large photos and GIFs in there because it slows things down. Also, please never post links to illegal game streams anywhere. We could get in trouble for that.

After the game, there will be a new thread. Comments on the game thread will close, and we'll drop a link for you to hop into the new one. I usually take the game thread off the page at that point, but you can always find it in the stream for that match-up. I'm going to use the preexisting "Knicks vs. ___" stream for each match-up this season, instead of making new streams for each game or home/road.

Some hours after the game-- often late that night, but sometimes early the next morning-- we'll post a recap containing some notes on what happened. I'm going to recap as many games as I can, but you'll be seeing less of me this season. Like, in general. For one, my actual job with SB Nation keeps me busy at night, and for two we have deputy blogsmith Joe Flynn on board this season, plus the excellent Scott DavisMatt Weiss, Matt Miranda, Christian Baber, and Jonathan Schulman. It'll be a team effort.

In and around games, we'll have plenty of separate posts containing news, analysis, opinion, links, japes, gooves, covens, hams, and so forth. We also have a new Etc. section, where you'll find a regular stream of little items we think you'll enjoy-- images and videos and Tweets and such.

There is a Posting and Toasting Twitter. There is a Posting and Toasting Facebook. If you are present on either of those websites, I think you'll find those accounts useful and entertaining-- more so than in previous years.

SB Nation has great national NBA coverage. We've also got a blog for every team.

Comment! Write Fanposts (those go on the right sidebar just a brief scroll down the front page)! All you need is an account and you're all set. We've got a fantastic community here with a lot of regulars, several of whom have become P&T writers. If you like the Knicks and have friendly, thoughtful, sundry things to say about them. you'll get along just fine.

Tell us what you think and have fun doing it. If you find that posting at P&T isn't making your day more fun, or if you sense that your posts at P&T aren't making others' more fun, you should probably take a break. There are some community guidelines here, but the general rule is to not be an asshole. Have fun and do your best to ensure that others can do the same. I hope the Knicks will help us have fun, but they will work against us sometimes. Let's have fun anyway.

It's almost time. I'm excited. Let's kiss each other. We don't have to kiss each other. I'm sorry I said that. I was caught up in the moment.