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Final Score: Bulls 104, Knicks 80

Well hey, that sucked! Welcome back, Knicks!

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Heyyyyy so maybe a visit from what might be the league's best defense wasn't a great idea for opening night of the Triangle offense. New York's sets bent and twisted and sometimes just snapped in half. We saw a lot of late mid-range takes from guys who you don't necessarily want doing that...which is almost everyone, I guess. The offense generated some good shots, but not many. And as the pressure grew, the Knicks were quicker and quicker to abandon the sideline triangle and just go into sketchy pick-and-roll stuff.

Their defense, as you'd expect, could contain hardly anything. Unlike last year's team, it was more an issue of defending the Bulls' creation and shooting out of the high post than it was a problem defending penetrating guards. I mean, they struggled in that department, too, but it wasn't quite FARTDOG.

New York's starting lineup actually had a crisp first quarter, but I barely remember that at this point. That was a very bad opening to what might fall somewhere between a very bad and semi-bad season. Recap later!