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Let's watch the Knicks run Triangle sets and practice transition defense

I wouldn't read at all into who's playing with whom or even which spots on the floor guys are occupying. But if your memories of the Summer League offense are hazy, this video of the Knicks practicing Thursday gives you a good sense of the way the ball moves in the Triangle-- how it enters the post, how it gets to the weak side, and when people cut to find it. You'll recognize the basic (like, very basic) movements of the Triangle here.

And, as you can see, this is a nice little combo drill wherein you have to get back and play transition defense (against a team of Knicks coaches and staff members). Good drill. I could watch this shit forever. Thanks for putting all this online, Knicks.

The dudez are going through their last practice as we speak, then it sounds like they're coming home. PRESEASON BASKETBALL GAMES begin next week!