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Where you see a circle, the Knicks see TRIANGLES

The Knicks form a circle every day at practice. It's an old Phil Jackson thing:

At first, I was like "why a circle?" Aren't Phil and the Knicks all about the Triangle this year? Then I looked more closely.


You think this is wasn't done on purpose? You think it just so happens that Phil Jackson brought 18 guys-- a multiple of three-- to training camp when the allowed number is 20? That they had camp at West Point (triangles have points), the home of the △rmy? That it's just a mistake that the Knicks are arranged in six triangles above? You do know what you can do with six triangles and a hexagon, right? You think it's a coincidence that native Romance language speakers Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon, and Orlando Sanchez are aligned at the corners of one Triangle? Or that Knicks forming another triangle-- Shane Larkin, Quincy Acy, and J.R. Smith-- are all from states with exactly two NFL teams? Wake up. It's all part of the plan.