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Final Score: Knicks 95, Cavaliers 90 HAHAHAHAHA WHAAAAAT

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

THE KNICKS ARE CHAMPIOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONS. I feel like my brain is swelling out of my ears right now. That was so much fun. The Cavs looked flat and disorganized and the Knicks exploited it. They really did. Derek Fisher got bold with his rotation and his chosen gents moved the ball waaaaayyy better and contested shots waaaayyyy better than I ever expected. After a horrid start, the Knicks not only came back but took over. Then, through a thorny endgame, they made up for a few brain farts with some lovely sets and stops and one big Carmelo Anthony jumper in the final seconds to put it away.

And by god, it wasn't just Melo! Shane Larkin was a pesky little wasp on defense! Travis Wear got real minutes and kinda actually stopped LeBron James for a while! J.R. Smith did a fantastic job moving the ball! Cole Aldrich helped on defense! Quincy Acy's flail game resulted in boards and buckets!

I can't feel my fingers. That was great. I don't care what happens the rest of the season. That was EXCELLENT. Matt Miranda has your recap, up later. WOOOOOOO