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Friday Bluestriped Fangblennies

Jenny Huang

Hi! Whew. I am exhausted. I can seriously barely sit up straight right now. AND YET WE MUST LINK.

- I liked this Halloween-appropriate post about vampire blennies! One of those is the bluestriped fangblenny, which will just walk up to you (fish-style) and take a bite out of you like it's nothing. (Read in that post about mimicking cleaner fish, too. That's so shitty of them.)

- Surprise! These are mostly things about the Cavs game. Mostly. Like, this Coach Nick video is from the Bulls game. Nice breakdown of the Knicks' Triangle sets and how even tiny little missteps away from the ball can ruin everything. Gotta be finely tuned! There's a quick look at their icing defense in there, too, which is something I think I'll do a post about next time I don't feel like my head is filled to the brow with pudding.

- J.R. Smith's back was really porked up last night, but hey, that's what rookies are for.

- Hey, the ESPN Knicks section looks Knicks-ier now! And they still have good articles like this one about Iman Shumpert's defense on LeBron James, which was good and over-turn-y!

This is just great. I hope this is a trend. Even when they lose. Lose by sharing.

Cool graphic by Philip Bump of every Knicks season trajectory forever.

- As expected, the Knicks passed on Shane Larkin's optionHere's what that means for this summer. I don't feel that strongly about this, but it seems like it wouldn't have been much of a risk at all to just pick it up. I guess they have their reasons.

Jason made an encyclopedia of superstar moves (including Melo). This would be a fun thing to do...for just the Knicks...


- A New York Magazine writer attempted the Amar'e wine bath!

Man, that's it, really. Happy Halloween? Y'all got good costumes? Y'all got good candy in those bowls?