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Carmelo Anthony says he'll play small forward

Small ball!
Small ball!
Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

Carmelo Anthony is talking a lot like he'll be pitted primarily against opposing threes this year. Ohm Youngmisuk shreds a bit of light on the situation and Carm doesn't sound like he'll be banging with bigs all season again:

After playing a good deal of power forward -- and excelling at that position -- over the past two seasons, Anthony thinks he will be mostly a small forward this season.

"We got too many," Anthony said of power forwards on the roster. "I don't need to go down there and battle. For what?"

"If it comes down to it, I'll go back there," Anthony added. "But I doubt it. They're going to move me down there. We're pretty packed at four and five positions."

If the Knickerbockers have any interest in making some playoff noise, it may make sense to rub labrums against some smaller-bodied giants.

We've gotten a few hints about the lineups the Knicks will use around Melo:

Obviously nothing is set in stone, and that's part of the amorphous brilliance of the Triangle offense. Whether Melo plays the 3 or 4 is not the issue. He will get his touches. The guy is a scorer, and the Knicks will look to generate and exploit mismatches through ball and player movement. All Melo needs is space, and someone like Amar'e or Smith could hopefully contribute enough of that alongside shooters in a bigger lineup.

If you wanna flip out and body shame the Knicks for playing bigger fellers while keeping their best player from defending huge monsters, rip away in the comments.