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Monday Caramel Drummers


Hi! As I mentioned in a comment thread recently, I've made a new section called Etc. that will live below the cover and refresh with things we think you'd like to look at. It'll mostly be bits of media and quick links while real reading material will wait for link posts like this one, but there will surely be some overlap. Fishy posts will probably become less frequent, too, but...well, shit here's one right now, so clearly not that infrequent. Anyway, links!

- I mean, sometimes something called a "Caramel drummer" is in a family called the "sea chubs" and that's enough for me.

- First off: It's SB Nation NBA season preview season! Here are all the Central and Northwest division links. We're up soon.

- Al Iannazzone deleted and corrected this before I could screencap it, so please take my word that it happened:

And yeah, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Iman Shumpert have apparently been nursing small injuries since late last week (it was a throwaway line in everyone's reports over the weekend) and are taking it easy because there's no reason to push. Amar'e is Amar'e. (Update: Shump's hamstring, Tim's hip.)

On Melo and the definition of "superstar."

- A couple analytical looks at things you could have guessed: 1. Melo's gonna have to create more for others (and perhaps allow others to create for him more) to be a typicalTriangle hub. 2. A lot of fans overrate Melo, a lot underrate him.

- Melo and Amar'e saying excited things about the Triangle.

- Derek Fisher and Jose Calderon forming a nice point-guard-bros bond.

- A great leftover read from training camp about how the Knicks practiced really basic shit at West Point (and they sound enthusiastic about that!). (More on that from Shump.)

Olympic Melo should be back once more.

- I was with Bub Silvermurp at media day, and he spent a lot of his time trying to figure out whether the Knicks' relationship with the media has changed at all under new management. It's hard to tell!

Couple o' cool Knicks t-shirts in here.

Practice just let out. Updates from there if there are updates from there.