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Final Score: Hawks 91, Knicks 85

Alex Goodlett

Man, it sucks that we can't just fast forward through this crap. The Knicks, once again, showed some promise before their offense got clunky and their defense started giving the Hawks what they wanted. It looked the same as everything else so far.

Atlanta played pretty poorly this time, but the Knicks' inability to contain Dennis Schröder's penetration or even basic pick-and-rolls killed them. Or all those fouls killed them. Or the late threes killed them. Or bad lineups killed them. Or another funky night from Carmelo Anthony and some creaky scoring around him killed them.

Everything killed them, because the Knicks are kinda designed to kill themselves right now. On a global scale, I get it. When the game's on, I can't help but get all grouchy and sweaty. It'd be easier if they were getting spanked, but the Knicks manage to actually compete in these games, which makes each night even more frustrating. Five straight losses. Recap later!