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Tuesday Pudgy Cusk-Eels


Good afternoon, logs. I hand-crafted some links for you. Got kinda backed up over the last week or two, so some of these are stale. Eat them.

- "Pudgy cusk-eel" seems like kind of a rude name for a fish (and it is indeed a bony fish, not a true eel), but somehow Spectrunculus grandis sounds ruder. I think you look just fine the way you are, cusk-eel.

- Chris Herring on how the Knicks kinda aren't playing defense.

- This appears to be a Twitter account documenting all of Walt Frazier's gamenight suits. I support this endeavor. Miss u, Gian.

And here is a man going to EVERY SINGLE KNICKS GAME. HOME AND AWAY.

- I do not have the knowledge base to authorize any of the opinions herein.

Triangle jokes in the New Yorker. Okay!

- Amar'e Stoudemire was an executive producer for that movie from all the subway posters, so he and Iman Shumpert appeared in this video. Agencies, man.

Trey Kerby on Carmelo Anthony's hats. I value Trey's opinion. Meanwhile, Corbin'll teach you how to make a MeloHat. What a time to be alive and on the internet!

Meanwhile in DolanWorld...


These have been the links! Enjoy your afternoon and your evening and, hell, the rest of your life.