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It's covetin' season

Every person on Earth is a potential Knick!!!!!!!!111

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a few years since the Knicks had significant cap space on their horizon-- long enough that I'd forgotten the routine where Marc Berman finds someone on nearly every opposing team to grill about a potential future with in New York. It's back!

Knick opponents have now been Bermanated back-to-back. We got a Could Paul Millsap Be Part Of The Knicks Future?? article over the weekend, then a Could Tobias Harris Be Part Of The Knicks Future?? article as a lead-up to tonight's game against the Magic. I'm already looking ahead at the soon-to-be free agents and potential trade guys on the upcoming schedule to guess who's next: Enes Kanter when the Jazz come to town Friday? Arron Afflalo when the Nuggets visit Sunday, or perhaps our old friend Timofey Mozgov? Khris Middleton or Brandon Knight in Milwaukee? Ricky Rubio or Thaddeus Young in Minnesota after that? What about, like, people outside? Is that lady at the bus stop a free agent in 2015? Does the squirrel dancing on your railing intend to pick up his player option? What about the sun? Our sun would be a perfect fit for the Triangle offense, and it has history with Phil Jackson and Derek Fisher.

I guess my points are the following: 1. We as fans all do the thing where we look around the league to see who's going to be available and dream of how they'd fit with the Knicks, but it's still funny when someone does it in the actual locker room. 2. This whole year is going to be littered with reports of "interest" one way or the other. Best not to get too worked up over the noise. 3. The Knicks don't play the Lakers until February, so we're relatively safe for a little while.