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Iman Shumpert doubtful with hip injury

Basketball is stupid.

Alex Goodlett

Coming into Friday night's game against the Utah Jazz, things didn't look like like they could get any worse for the New York Knicks. What this article presupposes is...maybe they could?

Shumpert injured his hip early in the first quarter on perhaps the Knicksiest play of all-time -- Shane Larkin missed a fast-break layup, Shump nabbed the rebound, drove to the hoop and landed awkwardly after kicking out to Jason Smith for a mid-range jumper. The jumper missed, naturally.

If he fails to return, the Knicks will be missing their second-leading scorer (Shumpert) and third-leading scorer (Amar'e Stoudemire, who is taking a prescribed rest day).

In Knicks' medical parlance, "X-Rays were negative" could mean any number of things...none of them good. Ah well, it was good knowing Iman Shumpert. He had an interesting hairstyle and was playing the best basketball of his career.

Ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for Shump.