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The return of Andrea Bargnani is nigh

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Step outside. Let the rain wet your head and face. Notice that the rain does not stream out of your hair, but rather solidifies into a glistening, sculptable goop. Realize that your naturally gelled hair can only mean one thing: There must be some Bargnani in the atmosphere:

So, if not this week ... soon. Philadelphia would be the most poetic place for Bargnani to return, of course. Before taking the floor, he must first defeat it in a fistfight to prove his renewed dominance over lacquered wood.

I am searching my soul to determine how I feel about this. I've found nothing. Well, I found some Goldfish crumbs and 7 cents, but also nothing. The Knicks' frontcourt these days is a butt party by design. I have no reason to believe Andrea Bargnani can improve that, and also little fear of him making things worse.

My only hope is that Bargnani serves the team purpose-- learning that Triangle, success be damned-- without indulging in too many of his own impulses. If he could, say, emulate Jason Smith's shot selection while offering a bit more interior defense, that would work. I'm not sure it matters that much. The big dude's got like six months left on his contract. Let's make some memories.

Nothing new Jose Calderon-wise. Iman Shumpert and his hip are still uncertain for Tuesday's game in Milwaukee.