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Carmelo Anthony's knee hurts so hey maybe he should just sit the rest of the season

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Carmelo Anthony's knee was bothering him during Tuesday's loss to the Bucks. He limped a bit and went to the locker room for taping during the game, then he got the knee treated afterward:

Melo's knee has been bothering him for a while, actually, to the point that he's gotten it tested:

Melo says he'll keep playing basketball anyway:

I have an opinion: My opinion is that the Knicks are very bad, even when Melo plays like a superhuman (see: 46 points in a loss to the damn Jazz), so he might as well just sit. For a while, if he has to. Maybe until he feels absolutely zero discomfort, or until Jose Calderon returns, whichever comes first. Maybe just indefinitely. I understand the value of building comfort in the Triangle, but the most value is in keeping those knees sound at the beginning of a five-year contract. And, ya know, losing has its merits this season, too.

Play when you're healthy, Melo. Please. Or just don't play at all. That's fine, too.