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Hey, let's check in on the W-Knicks and the college kids

Nick Laham/Getty Images

It helps me, during a period of Knicksian torpor, to zoom out and regard "the Knicks" as more than just the 15 men on the roster. This is usually the opposite of what makes me feel good, but it's nice right now.

"The Knicks" includes a new D-League affiliate, who played their home opener Wednesday night. Lots of familiar faces attended. The W-Knicks, but they lost Triangularly.

Beefy Human Being Who For Some Reason Hasn't Made It In The NBA Darnell Jackson stayed putting up numbers, our old friend Langston Galloway played well, and Thanasis Antetokounmpo did Thanasty things, such as:

He also fouled some, rebounded some, committed a couple turnovers, and got to the line a bunch in just 25 minutes. That's the Thanasis we know from Vegas. He is pure, distilled havoc.

You can actually watch that whole game right here:

That's the whole thing! The D-League is cool.

"The Knicks" also includes a 2015 first-round draft pick directly tied to the team's record. I like winning best. I like losing second best because it brings the Knicks closer to good odds at a high lottery pick. I quite like Jahlil Okafor and have watched him most of any potential prize, but YOOOO LOOK AT KARL-ANTHONY TOWNS PASS:


That comes via Jonathan Tjarks at Pattern of Basketball, and there's much more. I like this guy, too. Yes.

The Knicks, of course, are watching these guys closely. Everybody is. So are the Knicks. Adam Zagoria:

So Knicks' execs Steve Mills and Allan Houston did their due diligence Tuesday night when they went to Indianapolis for the Champions Classic featuring Kentucky, Kansas, Duke and Michigan State.

The Knicks may turn things around. If they don't, there are still pockets of hope and joy into which we can dig. This year is not last year!