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Friday practice updates on Jose Calderon and Andrea Bargnani

Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Hi! Hope you're having a pleasant, blister-free Friday. I hope you are not covered in blisters. I hope you don't even have one blister!

The Knicks practiced today. They have a game Saturday against the 76ers. Earlier this week, it sounded like Andrea Bargnani was all set for Saturday and Jose Calderon was a longshot possibility. Now it sounds like the opposite of that!

I can't imagine Bargnani suiting up without a full practice behind him, but I haven't seen anything tipping his status for tomorrow. If Calderon makes it through the night and shootaround without a calf explosion, it looks like he'll be ready and startingJose'll take some time to settle in, but I suspect he can do a lot for the cleanness of the Knicks' Triangle offense and the quality of shots produced therein once he's comfortable.

Go dogs! I call the Knicks "dogs" now. I have stopped calling the Knicks "dogs" as of that last sentence. Go Knicks.