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Final Score: Mavericks 109, Knicks 102 (OT)

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Man, whatever. I had fun. This was just like the last game. The shorthanded Knicks hung with a much better team but fell short, and I feel pretty okay afterward.

Jose Calderon got to cooking soup early on, Pablo Prigioni took the torch (of soup) in the second half, and the Knicks managed to keep pace with the Mavericks. Then, when the game appeared done, Calderon snatched the soup torch right back and splashed anew to keep the Knicks in it for the final stretch. In the last minute, one gorgeous set for a Calderon-to-Amar'e Stoudemire alley-oop cut the Mavs' lead to 1, then one horrid set for a fading, of-course-he-hits-THAT-one J.R. Smith jumper before the buzzer to send it to overtime.

Then the Knicks just kinda farted through overtime. Lotta poor decisions and turnovers, plus the laziest defense they played all night. They were never gonna win this one.

But hey, close game against a good team! It helped that Dallas couldn't exploit the oodles-- OODLES-- of open outside looks they got throughout, or else this would have been a blowout loss. It *didn't* help that J.R. couldn't get an open shot to fall (yet *could* get a couple horrible ones to drop late) and Amar'e Stoudemire struggled to hold onto the ball against quick double teams. It didn't help that Samuel Dalembert. No verb.

Another loss. That'll happen. It keeps happening. So heeeeere we goooooo!!!