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Let's help the Cavans

If you like the Knicks Internet, you know Jim Cavan. He writes wonderful stuff for Knickerblogger, and he's done great work at Bleacher Report, The Cauldron, here at SB Nation...everywhere. Jim is a great, smart, witty writer. I can also tell you Jim is a dear friend and that he and his wife Deana are lovely human beings.

Jim and Deana have a six-month-old son named Rett. Rett has a cancerous tumor on his liver. Rett will need chemotherapy to shrink the tumor before surgery. Chemotherapy is very expensive. We can help make it less expensive by donating a little money. If you'd like to do that, here is the place to do it. Every dollar they don't need will be donated to research and families facing similar fights. Thanks.