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J.R. Smith suspended one game for punching Glen Rice Jr.'s nuts

So punching dudes in the nuts is wrong all of the sudden?

Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

Here's the thing about NBA players hitting other NBA players in the jewels: Turns out the league office is against it.

J.R. Smith learned this lesson like he learns most life lessons -- the hard way -- as his shot to the plums of Washington Wizards swingman Glen Rice Jr. has earned him a one-game suspension.

Glen Rice Jr. is the son of the man the Knicks landed in the notorious Patrick Ewing trade, so that trade continues to haunt the franchise in a convoluted sort of way. Here is a .gif of the punch to Glen Rice's juniors, courtesy of @cjzero:

I should probably end this article with an earnest plea to J.R. to please stop getting suspended, but by this point we all know that ain't gonna happen. So how about this, J.R. -- next time you feel the urge to punch a Wizard in the balls, try to aim for Paul Pierce.